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Josh Marshall has a great summation/analysis of the whole Cheney cockshitmotherfuckerassholegate:
Consider for a moment. Who is Dick Cheney? What do we know of him? None of us like being questioned or critized. But in him the disinclination runs particularly deep. He prefers to act in secrecy and is a man to whom government transparency has all the allure that a shaft of sunlight has to a vampire. When challenged, violence seems always to be his preferred method of response, that of first resort...

Moving right along; Atrios has two great posts on the lying, lying media RE: Fahrenheit 9/11.

It's really amazing the way this movie is making the fake-reasonable members of the media (e.g., Gwen Ifil, Ron Brownstein, etc.) climb out of their respectable faces and blatantly carry water for the Freeper fringe.

Also: another non-shocking development in the case that has become the touchstone of the fucked-as-hell-psycho-sexual-racial whilrygig that is the American media in its coverage of the Kobe Bryant case:
Associated Press

DENVER -- Media organizations that were accidentally sent transcripts of a closed-door hearing in the Kobe Bryant case asked the Colorado Supreme Court on Monday to overturn a judge's order threatening them with contempt of court if they publish or even retain the information.
Seriously kids, Chomsky has it right. These assholes are trying to reach in and direct-hack your brainstem.

For a closing blow, this, off the current washingtonpost.com front page, submitted without further comment:
'Players' Always Get the Girls
Females find the new "bad boys" attractive, but get treated badly.
– Laura Sessions Stepp
The story is here.

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