The "I've Been Gone for the Weekend" Monday Morning News Roundup

ITEM! Contrary to all those other liberal bloggers making the same joke, Reagan is NOT still dead, but in fact walks the earth as an undead, devouring the flesh of the living. [Insert Dick Cheney joke here]

-The Lakers are losing, and God do I love life. This is actually the best outcome I could've hoped for - the Spurs are good, but really don't excite me, the Kings were exciting only for the improbability of their ridiculous collapse, the T-Wolves...well, were jobbed, but aren't quite there yet. And really, the Pistons actually ARE fun to watch. At least when they're making the Lakers look like fools, and throwing down some sweet dunks on backdoor screens.

-Weingarten, as per usual, has a great WaPo magazine column. Seriously, you need to be reading this every week.

-In a third straight WaPo plug, note that Joel Achenbach seems to be back on active duty, which is a good thing as he's one of the best newspaper feature writers around, and I think definitely the best newspaper science writer, period. Long feature on George Washington here, an online discussion of it here . This is actually stuff I didn't know about Washington.

-"Get Fuzzy" has been REALLY on its game lately, including a laugh-out-loud funny entry today. Also, "Boondocks" seems to have arrested and reversed its slide (note how physical violence or the threat thereof is pretty much always funny)...though I still think McGruder needs Cindy and Jazmine more than he knows...and the current story line in "Pearls Before Swine" is just hilarious - really really weird, but hilarious. Story line starts here.

-I have a great idea for a wickedly satirical film to expose the media for the bunch of hucksters and frauds that they are...if any producers out there think they could scare up about $3 million on the strength of this blog's biting social commentary, I think we'd be good to go.

-The previous post on Mormons was not meant as a "Jeez, aren't Mormons swell?!?"-type-thing. Those same Mormon senators are also, (save Harry Reid, since he's a Democrat) in pretty much every other way, total nutso right-wing fanatics. But they support stem-cell research. That's why it's weird and interesting, because given everything else, you wouldn't think so.

-Great letter to Alterman in Friday's Altercation, the meat of which is:

...the news function of the television medium surrendered this week. It put its things in a box, locked up the office, and handed over the keys. There is no longer any compelling reason to believe that these clowns believe in anything beyond the performance pieces out of which they've fashioned their careers.


-Air America is terrific. Or at least "The O'Franken Factor" (noon until 3 p.m.) and "The Randi Rhodes Show" (3 p.m. until 7 p.m.) are terrific. Franken is just hilarious, and Rhodes does righteous indignation very entertainingly. Also she calls Rush Limbaugh's show "The Three-Hour Hate." Garofalo's show is...okay. You can listen to Air America on the internet here, or on the radio at any one of this rapidly-expanding list of stations.

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