Fight terror! Raargh!!

Okay, now here's a t-shirt I really might buy. Now it would look like I'm supporting W (i.e., the much sought-after irony), but without all the aforementioned badness of actually giving his campaign any money. However, this t-shirt is a little out of my price range.

Also, I shouldn't part without revealing the best part about this stupid, propagandistic webpage:
If you listen to the nutty-left: People like Al Gore, Michael Moore, John Kerry, Howard Dean, Mad Donna, James Soros and others, they expect Americans to roll over and cave in to terrorism. Fortunately, none of these screwballs run the country.
Who the fuck is "James Soros"? God some of these people are stupid. (N.B.: Sadly, some progressives are mighty stupid and blinded by their righteousness. I consider myself one of the many who considers the merits of right and rejects them.)

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