On a whim I checked out my apartment complex's "community website" a few weeks ago. I receive sporadic emails, generally uninteresting, but I got one today about clubs forming. Someone registers online as a leader of the group and people get in touch to participate. Check out this list of groups (leader names omitted):

Tyshawn Basketball Club- LEADER: ******
Self Defense Club- LEADER: ******
Scrapbooking - LEADER: ******
Golf - LEADER: ******
Poker - LEADER: ******
role-playing gamers - LEADER: ******
Hiking and Camping- LEADER: ******
Background Checks - LEADER: ******
events and outings - LEADER: ******
carpool club?- LEADER: ******

If you've read that correctly, you'll notice a Background Checks club. What the fuck is that shit about? I am moving ASAP, but largely for other reasons.

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