Boy do I LOVE Jon Stewart

"The Daily Show" is the only show on television that actually has important guests from both sides of an issue, and a host that asks them tough questions. Not only does Stewart ask tough questions, he asks real follow-ups - and doesn't tolerate lies as answers.

All that said - he is RIPPING STEPHEN HAYES A NEW ONE. Holy jeez...Stewart was also uniquely talented in bringing out Ann Coulter's true insanity, but he is really taking it to Hayes.

Hayes is on the show to promote his new book, The Connection, a several-hundred page lie sourced mainly from known liar and evil man Douglas Feith. In another of those, you-really-can't-make-this-shit-up jaw-droppers, the book's own web site proclaims:

Stephen Hayes's bombshell Weekly Standard piece on this topic was cited by Vice President Cheney as the "best source of information" about the Saddam-al Qaeda connections.


Wouldn't we want the best source of information on one of our primary rationales for going to war to be, you know, a government report or something, rather than an article in a partisan rag after we already invaded?

In any event, if you didn't see "The Daily Show" tonight, make sure to watch it at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Oh, and there's also a piece that makes you want to cry/laugh/laugh/cry, wherein Dick Cheney flat-out lies to a reporter, and then the directly contradicting evidence is shown. It's very funny, and Alterman also has it here.

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