Weinstein Bros. Do The Right Thing...

...again, and pick up Fahrenheit 9/11, which they will distribute themselves.

Of course, the Weinstein Bros. got to where they are by pretty much being right all the time, and wouldn't do this if they didn't know they were going to make a lot of money (a LOT - Moore has a proven audience, plus now they'll control all the distribution, domestic and - here's the money shot - FOREIGN, where I'm willing to guess this movie is gonna do okay...).

Which really brings up the issue - why the fuck did Disney do this? Is controversy more important than making a SHITLOAD of money - which this film will do, as it cost only $6 million to make, doesn't need to be advertised all that much to reach its core audience, is getting a lot of free hype, etc. - ? This is especially a question for Disney right now, with a string of box-office failures and the upcoming loss of its only consistent moneymaker for almost a decade, Pixar.

Really weird.

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