Thank you, blessed internet

My friend Tom advertised a room for rent in his apartment on Craigslist. He received this inquiry:

Is it still available?
Is it possible to move in on May 13th, because it's the date when I'm comming to US?
I'm 21 years old and I'm from Latvia. On May 13th I'll arrive in US.
I'll work at Olympic Moving & Storage as furniture mover till August 30th, so now I'm looking for housing close to employer (on Gravel Ave) from May 13th till August 30th.
I'm realy interested but I have few questions:
1. is this room separate from others (possible to lock the door)?
2. can I live in one room with my brother (19 years old), because we will work together at the same company? We both are clean and accurate and we will work a lot so at that appartment we'll be only at evenings to sleep. I know that maybe you think that is too much people, but it realy won't be a problem!

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