Outsourcing doesn't always work

My apartment got some water damage, including a nice pair of shoes and the shoe trees inside. (If you're really lucky you'll get pictures at some point.) The shoe trees are from Nordstrom (thanks, Mom) and I went to find them on Nordstrom.com so I could list their price accurately. Not finding them, I went to Nordstrom's 'Live Help: Chat' option. This ensued:

You [i.e. I] say: I am appraising some water-damaged items in my home. How much would a new pair of Nordstrom shoe trees cost? (To fit men's size 10.5, if it matters.)

Thank you for shopping at NORDSTROM.com. Your question is important to us, the next available customer service representative will be right with you.

Cassandra has arrived to help you!
Cassandra: Hello Mike and Welcome to Nordstrom.com!
You say: Hi. I could not find shoe trees listed anywhere. But since you have them at actual stores, they must be online, right?
Cassandra: Let me check. We don't always carry the same items.
Cassandra: Just one moment please.
You say: Thanks
Cassandra: The name of the men's shoe is Tree?
You say: no, shoe trees.
You say: they are made of wood
You say: you put them inside your shoes
You say: to keep their shape and to absorb moisture
Cassandra: I understand now. Just one moment.
Cassandra: Thank you for waiting. We do not carry it. I can offer you a phone number to your nearest store for a price check.
You say: Okay thanks
Cassandra: What is your zip code?
You say: 22303
Cassandra: Thank you. Just one moment Mike.
Cassandra: I have a store in Arlington Virginia. Will that be okay?
You say: sure
Cassandra: The number is (703) 415-1121.
You say: thanks for your help
Cassandra: You're so welcome Mike! Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
You say: that's it
Cassandra: Thank you for visiting Nordstrom.com. Have a great day!

Oh, I will.

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