ITEM! Messianic Christians Setting US Policy on Israel!

Okay, so I knew that this was going on, and I would tell people so, but know we really KNOW that, indeed, MESSIANIC CHRISTIANS ARE SETTING U.S. POLICY ON ISRAEL! Really, this is really happening.
The Village Voice has the scoop, via Eschaton:

...the National Security Council's top Middle East aide consults with apocalyptic Christians eager to ensure American policy on Israel conforms with their sectarian doomsday scenarios.

Oy gevalt. The thing about these people, too...they're just so nuts...but in case you didn't know, this is why they want a one-state Israel. They want Israel to exist, so the Jews can rebuild the Temple, and then Jesus can come back...and then there's the Rapture...and the Jews and all the other sinners die in fiery condemnation. This is what they believe. And these are the people who are dictating our policy on the Middle East. The article continues...

AFSI's executive director, Helen Freedman...laughs off concerns that, for Christian Zionists, actual Jews living in Israel serve as mere props for their end-time scenario: "We have a different conception of what [the end of the world] will be like . . . Whoever is right will rejoice, and whoever was wrong will say, 'Whoops!' "

She's not worried, either, about evangelical anti-Semitism: "I don't think it exists," she says. She does say, however, that it would concern her if she learned the Apostolic Congress had a representative in Israel trying to win converts: "If we discovered that people were trying to convert Jews to Christianity, we would be very upset."

Kim Johnson doesn't call it converting Jews to Christianity. She calls it "Circumcision of the Heart"—a spiritual circumcision Jews must undergo because, she writes in paraphrase of Jeremiah, chapter 9, "God will destroy all the uncircumcised nations along with the House of Israel, because the House of Israel is uncircumcised in the heart . . . [I]t is through the Gospel . . . that men's hearts are circumcised."

Apostolics believe that only 144,000 Jews who have not, prior to the Second Coming of Christ, acknowledged Jesus as the Messiah will be saved in the end times.

Kim Johnson, as the article notes earlier, is a Christian missionary in Israel who preys on low-income families. Just...read the whole thing.

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