A Great Day for America

Amid all the awfulness in the world today, two things to celebrate: the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, and in Massachussets, as Andrew Sullivan puts it best:

Today is not the day "gay marriage" arrives in America. Today is the first time that civil marriage has stopped excluding homosexual members of our own families. These are not "gay marriages." They are marriages.

See also all of the Boston Globe's extensive coverage of the day's events; stirring stuff.
For all the bad that this country can do, there is also good.
Every generation thinks they're seeing the end of the world. And, they're right - the world we know is ending, making way for a new, wholly unknown world. Perhaps there is much bad that will be; but, as the above illustrates, there is also much good.

Plus, the O's stopped a three-game skid with a dynamite outing by Sir Sidney and some great small-ball offense yesterday, beating the Angels 4-0.

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