David Brooks: Liar and Fool

David Brooks is a well-documented liar. This is not news to any of you, I'm sure. But let's get into the way-back machine and go to...say, the summer of 2000, and see what Brooksy had to say about the upcoming presidential election:

So I am planning to vote for George W. Bush because he is a nice guy. As a nice guy he will attract and retain the loyalty of outstanding administration officials, and together they will promote policies that are smarter and bolder than we ever would expect, just from looking at Bush himself. As a nice man, he will prove remarkably adept at working with Congress, with Democrats, with the media and with all the other different people you need to handle as president. He will set a tone of bonhomie that will grease the machinery of government; things will actually get done in Washington again.

"Nice guy"? I couldn't bring myself to watch the speech last night, (and, if Tom Shales is to be trusted, I didn't miss much). But it's been a long time since I could look at Dubya and not see some wonderful witches' brew of annoyance, contempt and hostility glaring out of those beady eyes.

Or maybe that's just me. Or not.

Oh, heck, I can't help myself. From the same column by Brooks:

On foreign policy matters, for example, Bush has attracted the policy wonk version of the 1927 Yankees. You look at the people who will fill key slots in his administration, from Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice down through less-prominent advisors such as Bob Zoellick and Paul Wolfowitz. They are the best out there.

The 1927 Yankees. You know, Murderer's Row.

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