Controlled Chaos

Absolutely wonderful article in Salon today on traffic engineering. You heard me.
It's stuff like this and cool modular housing that makes me believe maybe Progress is still possible and, indeed, ongoing.
A great graf:

There's a place for highways and roads dedicated solely to the movement of automobiles, [Ben Hamilton-Baillie] says. Just not in the city, where streets constitute 70 percent of all public space.

"You have to have a completely different approach to the design of streets in the broad urban realm," he says. "You have to make an absolutely clear transition between those roads that are necessary, the state-controlled and legislative world of the traffic environment, to the human-controlled, culturally controlled world of the city, where you pick up your rules not from what you're allowed to do, but from a much more subtle and complex series of codes that are implicit through design and environment."

The guy mostly quoted in the article, Ben Hamilton-Baille, has a website that is under construction, but you can e-mail him to talk about urban design.

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