Air America

Finally listening to Air America Radio, and it is GOOD. Or at least the O'Franken Factor and Randi Rhodes.

The callers on Franken's show were kinda annoying, thinking they were funny, but over time they'll get regular caller who actually ARE funny and develop good ways to make fun of those who aren't (as Kornheiser did with his show).

And Randi Rhodes - just unbelievable. She was talking to this guy who was spouting all the normal BS about Iraq being linked to 9/11, and just took him frickin' apart - with the truth. She was just as combative as Rush or O'Reilly, but not insane. To get the guy to shut up, she played a clip of Bush saying "We have no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved in September 11." Brilliant.

In addition to El Interneto, you can listen to Air America on:

Sirius Radio stream 125
XM Radio 167
New York City 1190 AM
Portland, OR 1050 AM
Inland Empire, CA 1050 AM

Coming soon elsewhere, including SF.

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