Music JKD is Listening To

So, because I care:

Oingo Boingo "Dead Man's Party"
You may or may not have known this, but none other than Danny Elfman was a founding member of Oingo Boingo. And on top of that, for a band with an archetypal '80s band name, their music holds up really well, the guitar riffs in "Dead Man's Party" especially, and even the horn sections don't sound particularly cheesy.

Jay Farrar "All Your Might"
The single from his latest album, Terroir Blues (which I don't have yet, the album in toto), this is a very very good song. Farrar used to be in Son Volt, and you can tell, but this song is a decidely bluesier and more electric song than typical Son Volt fare. You can even download it for free, here.

Dizzee Rascal "Fix Up, Look Sharp"
Good song from the only album I've ever broken down and bought from iTunes, Boy in Da Corner. Dizzee Rascal is - he's British, and he's black, and he has very very strange beats.

The Mavericks "Would You Believe?"
These guys just know how to make a song, and craft a melody. You can't fake that shit. And even if you "don't like country," you'll like this, as it's not some bullshit Kenny Chesney travesty, it's just a good song.

Stars "Look Up"
I am a total wuss but I just love this song. It's real pretty.

Other music I am listening to, that everyone else is also listening to: The Darkness, The Postal Service, Fountains of Wayne, Blackalicious, Starsailor, Norah Jones.

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