Morning News Roundup

Good article by Joel Achenbach in the WaPo on the change in American culture - the "numbing down" of America.
Also good Achenbach over the weekend on Richard Clarke, here.

A typical Kurtz atrocity, his Media Notes Extra column today.
Some choice samples:

"...Bush's allegedly spotty National Guard service."
"Seeming to embody liberal anger, Rhodes launched into an extraordinary diatribe about why the president continued to speak to a second-grade class after two planes hit the World Trade Center, and said he then flew to Nebraska because he was "scared . . . Republicans have been drinking this Kool-Aid for a really stinking long time."
At another point, Rhodes said conservatives and radio rivals "want us to fail. I got news for you, it ain't happening."
The marketplace will be the judge of that."

Really Howard? The marketplace? Not if you have your way about it.
Does anyone even remember a time when people pretended there was something more important in news coverage than whether it turned a profit? I mean, am I the only person who's still outraged by this shit?

Oh, and everybody listen to AirAmerica Radio online here.

Also, and I can't believe I forgot to mention this yesterday - Wednesday's WaPo featured one of the most disgusting "Reliable Source" columns I can remember. No, that's not quite it. It's one of the most disgusting "Reliable Source" columns I can imagine. The gist is this: Marianne Pearl, widow (WIDOW) of slain Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl (remember, teh one kidnapped, tortured and executed by terrorists in Afghanistan) is involved with Eason Jordan, CNN news executive and married man. Really, this shit made me wretch. Write a letter to the Post and tell them that, you know, there are some boundaries. Please.


What else...

Ah, yes, BigOil is getting the go-ahead to further destroy the tundra. Apparently, they've been whinging over a shortened drilling season due to increasing temperatures; the drilling season is half what it was 30 years ago. I laughed out loud at the absurdity of this when I heard it on NPR and cried inside when the entire report went by without any mention that, you know, maybe there was some sort of CONNECTION between oil extraction and higher temperatures. Sigh. I can't find the link, but in similarly depressing news, BigOil is also getting new off-shore contracts in Alaska.

I have sent a letter to the WaPo RE:Leiby's column. Now, again, all together now, everyone read the column and write to the Post:


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