Monday Movie Roundup

I've seen three movies (and slept through a fourth) since I left for San Diego on 10 April. Two airplane movies, one in the theater, and one (which I slept through) in my hotel room.

Airplane movies generally don't bother me unless they are definitively bad. My westbound flight was the predictable Mona Lisa Smile. It was inoffensive, occasionally funny, and easy enough to stomach (much like United's breakfast). And by comparison, it blew away my eastbound flight Paycheck, starring that guy who was in Good Will Hunting (the dumb one). Pretty bad, but watchable in between naps.

Last Thursday I saw Dawn of the Dead. I am not usually a fan of the horror genre, but this movie is really superb. Granted, it is a zombie movie, but the filmmakers really embrace the genre, are aware of its limitations, and the result is a very good, sometimes very funny, movie. Yes, a zombie movie. It wasn't that scary, as it was relatively easy to remove yourself from a zombie movie set in serene Wisconsin, but the suspense was pretty good and there are some wonderfully gratuitous car crashes and car-related horror movie events. I won't describe them fully, as you should really see this movie, but trust me -- it's worth your while.

One memorable-but-predictable line: three main characters run into three other characters before becoming one big survivor group. Leader of group A wants to follow a drainage ditch to some sewer system. Leader of group B says that's a bad idea. "We tried it. When there were eight of us." Ha! The writers know they are writing horror and they must be laughing at that line. Not your father's horror flick.

Slept through most of Intolerable Cruelty. Would like to see again.

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