London: Rain

Actually, there was just rain all day yesterday. Today it's gray and raining on and off, but not right now.

Right now, I'm back at the same internet cafe where my bag got boosted (despite being strapped around the seat I was sitting in) last time I was in London.

To be fair, it's not really that small-world a thing. The internet "cafe" I'm sitting in happens to be the Tottenham Court Road easyEverything which is pretty much the backpacker internet place to beat all backpacker internet places. There are hundreds of terminals - I honestly couldn't even give you a guess, 400 maybe, but row after row after row. Quite remarkable.

The nice thing: you get a code for each time you buy time, and can log off and then log in again later to use up the remainder of your time.

The pisser: the time is only valid at the same location (there are several easyEverythings through London).

Anyhow, London is of course great. Walked around all day (10 a.m.-6 p.m.) yesterday, drank a litre point five of water and had a Lucozade, slept 10 hours and no jet lag despite two hours' sleep on the red eye on the way over, charitably afforded me courtesy Virgin's wine-at-dinner policy and a temporary reprieve by the screaming infant two rows up.

Time running down, so that's all for now. Reviewing this post, it's basically just me saying, ha-ha, I'm in London, which I suppose would be the core of any post. That or making fun of the English. Which I'll do next time.

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