I Was Planning on Saying This, but...

Weingarten's chat beat me to it:

Damascus, Md.: I found it interesting that two comics this week dealt with the "realities of war", to use an overly used phrase: Monday's "Doonesbury," which is not surprising (I am betting B.D. doesn't make it), and Monday's "Get Fuzzy," which isn't where I would have expected to see it.

Any luck with getting Peanuts axed?

washingtonpost.com: Doonesbury, (April 19)
Get Fuzzy, (April 19)

Gene Weingarten: These are an amazing pair of cartoons.

Another chatter notes that he finds that Get Fuzzy seems manipulative and a postured departure from the normal strip, but that Doonesbury is promising to be important. I agree, completely. For one thing, Trudeau’s exposition – in and out of consciousness, yesterday and today – is genius. I am transfixed. I have access to two weeks’ worth of Doonesburys, but I have chosen not to look. I want it to take me, day by day.

I am guessing that Darby Conley’s will pale by comparison, which is a shame for Conley. Because his idea was good. He just got trumped.

Liz, can we link to today’s Doones, too?


Today's Doonesbury and Get Fuzzy.

Also please note that, though overshadowed by the far superior Trudeau, Conley has done exactly what I said he would.

These two Doonesbury are truly affecting; make sure to keep reading the rest of the week.

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