Hate Being a Party-Pooper, but....

Seriously, WHY ARE PEOPLE NOT CARING ABOUT THIS SHIT?!? Woodward's new book details the administration's pre-war collusion with Prince Bandar, House of Saud.

Tom Tomorrow sums it up best.

To sum what's discussed, and what was on "60 Minutes" last night - Dubya colluded with the Saudis, who supported/harbored the terrorists who perpetrated 9/11 before the latest Iraq war, to assure there would be lower gas prices around election time.

Every time I think they've gone further beyond the pale than ever...they prove me wrong. Well, no, not wrong - they just beat their own record.

A short, small recap:

1.) ignored multiple, detailed warnings about terrorism, pre-9/11
2.) lied about links to 9/11 terrorists (not to mention WMDs...) to get into the Iraq war
3.) planned the war with people who supported the terrorists whose imaginary link to Saddam was a big part of the rationale for the war
4.) blew the cover of the CIA antiterrorism agent wife of a man who pointed out some of this stuff
5.) orchestrated top-shelf character assassination campaign against own former counterterrorism chief when he tells the truth about what happened (e.g., whispers about "weird" personal life, trumped-up perjury charges on the floor of the Senate, etc.)

Somehow, I don't think Woodward is on the Bushies' Christmas car list anymore...he was useful when the press only covered the nice things he said in his books - keep in mind, Dubya did admit that terrorism wasn't his top priority pre-9/11 in Bush at War, the press just didn't, you know, care about that back in 2002, when they were playing all nicey with his pleasure areas.

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