Ever Get that Feeling...

...that you've reached the end of the internet - that you're just going over the same dozen sites over and over again? Me too. But I know there's a lot more out there - the problem is that (especially with Google and how it works), the more we go over the well-worn paths, the harder it is to even realize that there are others.

So, in that line of thinking, and as a public service to the readers of Mingle until Departure (both of you), I have started a serious invesigation of the "Dark" Web. There's a reasonable amount of scholarly material on the subject, and I'll address it as I begin to understand and process it, but really the function of the project is to find cool websites and, by blending those sites with my analytic-yet-intense news-processing prowess, inadvertantly stumble upon the meaning of life. Or something.

For starters: this.

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