Animal News

-Three-eyed, two-mouthed calf born in Texas. Extra mouth and eye work, apparently.

-And of course, the big news of the day, a mouse was born without DNA from a father, by combining DNA from two female mice. This had been done before, but never with mammals.

This also fits in nicely with an interview I heard last week on NPR (can't find the link, I'll try to find it later), with Bryan Sykes, author of Adam's Curse. The book is about how the Y chromosome is deteriorating - is, even at this point, mostly vestigal and full of unused junk - and will disappear within a couple hundred or thousand generations. Sykes views this as a good thing, as he blames all of humanity's ills on men. Really, he was just pretty pedantic and obnoxious, and not all too convincing (at least as to the Y chromosome being the root of all evil - the science, I dunno).

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