Rinn, Rinn, Rinn...

First of all, everyone (that means you, too, JKD...sigh...okay) needs to forgive Sardonic Poster Rinn for not actually linking to the article she talked about, which, when you're dealing with high-turnover sites like Boing-Boing, is totally necessary.

Second, in case I haven't already told you personally, I am now officially ashamed of my Friendster profile. Well, the profile's okay, but I have too many friends. I'm not going to say how many, because most of you know, or can find out by your damn self, but it's too many, I know.

How do I remedy this, though? Selectively drop friends? What if they ask again? I mean, a lot of these people asked to be Friendsters with me? Who am I to deny them that? So, a conundrum.

I am not going to tell you about orkut.com, either. You have to figure that one out yourself.

Third, I need to scold Rinn for using terminology without the explanatory link. I'm a big nerd, but "YASNS" is not self-evident.

Fourth, I would generally agree with the money/airport qualifications, but with an additional category of "houseguest" - i.e., if you have either hosted or been hosted by someone, you/they qualify. In which case...

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