The Only Thing that Needs to Be Said About Gay Marriage

This is a comment from Gene Weingarten's "Funny? You Should Ask" chat of March 16 (it's on washingtonpost.com; permalink to the chat here). Generally, the chat is just funny, and one of my favorite regular features anywhere, as they talk about humour and comix, which don't really get as much play as they should in the media. Duh. Weingarten also has a column in the WaPo Magazine, "Below the Beltway," which is always good.
Getting back to the comment - this particular chat was dominated by gay marriage issues, as Gene had written a very very good column on the subject two days earlier. Also worth a read. Without further delay, the money quote:

"Honestly, and I know I will be offending some people here, when you strip down ALL arguments against gay marriage, they come down to this: Gay people are not as good as straight people.

If you think that, say it. Don't fumfur around trying to sound high-minded."

No further comment necessary.

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