Echo Chamber

Which could be just my own head here. But anyways...

Yeah, I was noticing how I was cribbing pretty big-time from Kos and Atrios, and started thinking about that. What is the service I'm providing? In theory, by cribbing the same shit from them, I am helping to create a parallel progressive echo chamber - expand the universe (in this case, either ever so slightly (with my 'readership') or not at all (since my 'readership' such as it is, prolly reads Atrios and Kos, anyhow).
So, long run, echo chamber.
But then, I guess it's just a matter of style. Ultimately, this is an act of narcissism, my doing this - but, I hope that I actually either have or am developing/will develop a clever/entertaining enough style/take on the world that a few people give a shit about what I'm saying and how I'm saying it. The anxiety of all writers, I suppose, though I still hesitate to call myself a writer.
Anyhow, my thoughts on the subject. More on cartoons later. That's one thing, Atrios don't know shit about cartoons.

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