'Conventional Wisdom' Alert

From today's WaPo (Style section, of course...it's not like the Left is actually news or anything...), Howard Kurtz the whore has a remarkable passage in his article:

"I don't think the enterprise is marketable at all," says O'Reilly, who has been publicly feuding with Franken. "It's a one-trick pony. They're trying to emulate what Rush Limbaugh did. I don't think they have the people to do it, and it takes a lot of years to build up that choir they're going to sing to."

Which raises the question: Why would people listen to Winstead and company when liberals already populate much of the media?

Gee Howie, I dunno. Maybe 'cause it's actually whores like you and not 'liberals' that populate the media.

Also - and Alterman makes this point time and again - a news correspondant voting for Democrats does not a liberal-dominated media make.

This flippin' country...

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