Observations of Foreign Travel

If you read anything other than the politics section of major newspapers (anyone... anyone?) you'll know that the national elections in Malawi resulted in violence from opposition party supporters, charges of "serious irregularities" by international observers, and the general sense that the election was stolen. In Africa?!? Shocking and unprecedented, I know. Fear not, dear readers, I am in the capital (ie. really boring) city and far from any violence or unrest. Here are some notes from our travel desk:

1) The Republic of South Africa is replete with awesomeness and well worth a vacation stop, but it is ridiculously far from the US. Once you get to Europe its another 10 hours.

2) Having your bags lost in transit and subsequently wearing the same clothes for 3 days really sucks. And just a tip kids- that idea of packing your prescription meds in your carry-on is actually quite good advice. Malaria is nobody's friend.

3) Apparently if your bags are rifled through whilst being "lost", things like optical mice, computer cables, and PDA components are low priority. The big ticket items are gym shorts and bottles of cinammon. Now you know.

Back to saving the world...

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