I've been MIA for a while mostly because I finally got a firewire card at my worky computer and I've been playing ipod when boss types aren't lurking around. Sweet, sweet iTunes. *Sigh*

So, it's so terrible here in the States that I've decided to leave for someplace... worse. I'm headed to Malawi for a couple weeks for work on our Reducing Child Morbidity project. Sounds pretty glamorous and idealistic and citizen-of-the-world and all that crap, doesn't it? Yeah, except that I'll be sitting in an office most of the day teaching them how to monitor their budget and use MS Project. Not like I'll be digging wells or handing out ARVs or anything.
Speaking of drugs, as much as we all (read: I) hate Microsoft, I do have to give some props to Bill Gates and his foundation for fully meeting their funding commitments to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS. Unlike the U.S. Government which is, again, all talk and no action. Thanks George.

I'll write more from the "Warm Heart of Africa".

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