Where did you stay in DC? Uh... the bus.

I'm very tired. My legs kinda feel like jello, and my feet are blistered. I haven't really slept much in the past 36 hours and I'm a bit confused as to what meal I'm hungry for right now. The bus ride was kinda terrifying and about 8 hours too long for comfort.

But I just got back from the most amazing 12 hour event ever EVER. I'm a bit dazed that I spent only one single day in DC, but it was a great day! According to March for Women's Lives organizers there were 1.5 million people on the Mall in DC yesterday and I was there. I was there in my pink Stand Up for Choice shirt, carrying my Another Queer for Choice sign, and covered in assorted buttons and stickers. I saw a giant red cloth uterus, babies in strollers, grandmothers in wheelchairs, teenage boys, old men, signs telling Bush to keep out of mine, punk dykes, people of color, huge puppets, and delegations of marchers from all over the country. One of my favorite signs was held by a young man in his twenties and said, "Bush: Keep Your Damn Laws Off My Wife, Jerkass!"

From my vantage point midway down the mall, I heard Hillary Clinton urge us all to take our anger and committment to the polls in November to get Bush the hell out of Washington. I also heard Julian Bond of the NAACP, Cybill Sheppard, Moby, Alix Olsen, Anna Gasteyer, etc, etc. I missed Howard Dean and Gloria Steinem and Barbara Boxer. But I don't care. Just being there and seeing all those people from all possible backgrounds and walks of life was amazing and exhilarating and overwhelming. I called my mother from the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue and over all the noise shouted that I wished she could be there marching with me. She replied that she was watching us on C-SPAN and walking on the treadmill and was so proud that I was there making history. I'm pretty damn proud of myself too. And pretty damn tired... I hope everyone else who made it to the March had an equally amazing day!

Ed.- Degs and I were at the March, as well. After a joking "Cool, I'll see you there" conversation before the March, we actually did run into each other, which was cool. Anyhow, I echo all of Rinn's thoughts. I was also pretty impressed by the degree to which the people stayed on message (i.e., no extraneous anti-globaliztion bullshit like at the typical WTO/IMF protest), and how well-organized the March was. Some union print shop(s) also had a pretty good day. -jkd

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