Spy on your Bush-lovin' Neighbors

I'm sure you all already know about this site but it scares me. I don't like the idea that everyone can stalk each other's political donations. Perhaps its all about openness and transparency. But our government has proven that there's a time and a place for that and it isn't now. Now is about being scared and secretive and longing for the cool cool breeze of civil liberties that blow up north of here, round about Quebec. Ah, sweet Frenchy Quebec.

I hope to see all you lazy fuckers at the March on Sunday. When I say that I hope to see you, I really mean, I hope you will be there. Since I don't know who most of "you" are and I don't know what you look like, it's really unrealistic that I will see you. But you'd better be there anyway, dammit.

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